Soulja Girl X Simpsons...


I know Gabrielle and Amelian will appreciate lol

Fly Over Show...


Led by multi-award winning jazz musician and MC Soweto Kinch, The Hockley Flyover Project is a day-long street festival that brings world class jazz, hip hop, poetry, dance and theatre to a neglected corner of Birmingham. Also featuring notables from across the country such as Bashy, TY, Eska Mtungwazi, Jonzi D and Zena Edwards, it will be a pertinent national statement about ‘Urban’ art.

Once a thriving cultural centre, the Hockley area is now renowned for its rundown buildings and empty, boarded up retail units and small warehouses. In this bold artistic statement Kinch aims to reclaim part of the soul of the city.

The project is the first of its kind to be delivered by Soweto Kinch Productions, Nu Century Arts and a newly formed consortium of black arts groups called CISC.

It will make a bold statement on the perceived place for ‘high art’, liberating creativity and exhibition from the sole confines of traditional spaces. And it will resonate profoundly with urban communities around the UK, demonstrating what is possible and restoring pride, social possibility and creative opportunity.

Free family event @ the Hockley Flyover Birmingham.

*News story by Michelle Adabra

PYMCA Presents Wildstyles...


Wildstyles is an exhibition that features classic rare photographs hailing back to the 'old skool' days and is a homage to Wild Style, the classic Hip Hop movie that was re-released last year for its 25th anniversary.
The exhibition will feature not only photographs but music, Breakers and Graffiti art. PYMCA have collaborated with some of Hip Hop's grand masters from Normski to Janette Beckman, to take you back to the days of Adidas shell tops and Run DMC. Wildstyles is certainly an exhibition to get you moving!

The Wildstyles exhibition is on at the moment and runs until the 16th June at Bar Vinyl | Camden Town | N1.

Amplified @ Medicine Bar...


Estelle X LRG


Estelle is featured as part of LRG Luxurie's new ad campaign, gwan girl!

You can't be serious...


This is a fully fledged Robotic woman, designed and created to replicate the behavior and physicality of your perfect woman. Its advertised as being completely faithful, intelligent, and entirely understanding to whatever your deepest darket habits may encompass.

Read the rest...

Handbag Bonanza...


Oxfam is stepping up its game in the war against 'sweatshop chic' by holding the Great Big Handbag Bonanza over three days from Friday June 6th.
Starting around midday over 400 second-hand designer handbags will go on sale online with designs from Mulberry, Knomo and Russell & Bromley among others.

The sale will come to an end on June 8th and the first-of-its-kind event will help Oxfam to tackle poverty worldwide.

More designs will be added every hour over the weekend so those looking to bag a bargain should be sure to visit on the date.

With prices starting from £4.99, there is no excuse not to get involved with a chance to grab a unique piece of arm candy while still doing your bit for charity.

Fashion fringe '08 @ Covent Garden...


Fashion Fringe is a initiative which supports young design talent in London. This year it will be held in Covent Garden.

The scheme has announced a three-year collaboration with Covent Garden, meaning that the location will host the selection process and the judging and mentoring program, as well as the final catwalk show in September.

This year the initiative, which together with IMG aims to give budding young designers an appropriate platform, is being promoted by Donatella Versace and Go By a Secret Path, LF Markey, Sarah Easom and William Tempest are the four labels still in the running to win the award.

London fashion writer and the event's founder Colin McDowell told Vogue:

'Fashion Fringe is about modern London and all its diversities, but it takes place in one of the most historic cities in the world.'

My Monday Morning Soundtrack...

So its a bank holiday and I'm stuck at work, yeah I know it sucks. But one highlight of the day is that I'm in charge of the morning playlist...yay! This is a selection of what I will be playing...

Curtis Mayfield

Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye

George Clinton

Loose Ends(Btw Jane Eugene is an orignal Fly girl lol)

Zapp and Roger

Brand New Heavies

Bugz in the Attic

Roisin Murphy

Betty Davis (If any of you recognise who sampled this song, I'll give you a fiver. Don't cheat lol)



Get one for yourself

*Click pic for a more detailed image.

Wale X Justice ' W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.'


'W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.' is off last summer's 100 Miles And Running mixtape from Fools Gold's DJ Nick Catchdubs. If somehow you still don't have this mixtape, join the 45,000 plus who have downloaded it from here. Wale's new "Mixtape About Nothing" is due for release soon.

Sign off, While Being Turned On...


Health officials are warning the people of New York to stay away from an illegal aphrodisiac made from toad venom (WTF??) after the product apparently killed a man.

The product is sold at sex shops and neighborhood stores under names including Piedra, Love Stone, Jamaican Stone, Black Stone and Chinese Rock. It is banned by the Food and Drug Administration, but shipments from overseas suppliers still occasionally slip past customs.
Buyers may have no idea they are dealing with anything illegal or dangerous. The various types of "stone'' are often sold packaged in plastic, with a bar-code, a price tag and official-looking instructions for use.

Health officials say the culprit was a hardened resin, made at least partly from venom collected from toads of the Bufo genus, containing chemicals known as bufadienolides that can disrupt heart rhythms. The aphrodisiac was supposed to have been applied to the skin, not eaten, but authorities said even that use can be harmful.

'There is no definitely safe way to use it,' said Dr. Robert Hoffman, director of the city's poison control center. 'Don't buy it. Don't sell it. If you have it, don't use it. Throw it out.'

The same type of product killed at least four people in the early 1990s. Following that outbreak, city investigators went looking for the poison and found it was being sold sporadically in grocery stores, smoke shops and from street vendors.

*News story from

Sway x Stush...

First of all I just wanted to apologise for the lack of posts recently...everything will be back to normal in the next few days. In the mean time check out Sway's new song 'F Ur Ex' featuring fly girl Stush...

'F Ur Ex'

*Song courtesy of First Up!

N*E*R*D are seeing sounds...


Amy Winehouse 'to model at London Fashion Week'


Err...Side-eye 2.0 anyone?

Chockablock Vs Wow


Shout out to J.P too, Happy Birthday mate!

Kidz In the Hall x Estelle


'Love Hangover'

Courtesy of Alex Hall @ Drop mag

M.I.A Clothing Line...


Singer M.I.A has just released her own clothing line, the self-titled collection is only available in London.
M.I.A is known for wearing bold, bright-coloured outfits and says the line will reflect her own personal style. The collection will feature bomber jackets, t-shirts and leggings with bold bright hues and graphic prints.

Old skool players...


This completely functional Nintendo coffee-table controller is the work of Kyle Downes. Not only are you able to store your all of your gaming and random junk in it, but it also plugs into your dusty NES to play on.

Story Via NWS

Blek Le Rat: Getting Through The Walls...


Considered to be the father of stencil street art, Blek Le Rat (aka Xavier Prou) has had a profound influence on today’s current crop of street artists. Almost all of whom arrived a whole generation after Blek started hitting the streets of Paris back in the early eighties. Banksy is on record as saying that, “Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek LeRat has done it as well. Only twenty years earlier…”

It was Blek’s silhouette stencil of a rat (an image Banksy was later to adopt for Bristol and London) in 1981 that broke away from the graffiti political slogans and injected it with a fresh new language of political art. Blek has always used his art as both a democratic means of bringing the gallery walls to the people and to change the way we interact with the urban spaces around us. This is essentially the blueprint street artists the world over are still reading from today.

In recognition of this Thames & Hudson have published a retrospective book entitled, Blek Le Rat: Getting Through the Walls. To celebrate the book launch the Black Rat Gallery is staging the largest Blek exhibition to date.

The show will feature many new works as well as iconic images tracing the history of Blek’s career, along with a number of prints. If you don' t have an invite for the show tonight you can always pop along to the London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden.

Fly or Die??...Pierre Hardy hi-tops


While some shoes seem stuck in the past, Pierre Hardy's whiz and whoosh with futuristic flair. Take, for example, his new Colorama hi-tops, which bear more than a passing resemblance to Balenciaga's Lego-bright sports stilettos.

Oh yeah, he designed those, too.
"The way I work is abstract...I try to bring an idea to its maximum intensity."

Available in Men's (seen here) or Women's, priced at around £220.

So is it Fly or Die??

Update: Arriving in Dover Street Market (London) on 15th May – the Pierre Hardy special limited edition ‘Cruzeiro’ in metallic calfskin.

TooFly Spotlight...


Glitter & Twisted collections feature a range of perspex brooches, necklaces & earrings. Signature pieces are always accompanied by the season’s new designs. When you first see the jewellery your not sure whether to lick it or wear it, pieces formed from clean flat perspex in candy bright colours, it looks just like sugar sculpture.
This sexy, sharp range really works well with spring/summer trends set by designers such as Chloe and Marc Jacobs, accenting bright block colours, angular cuts and exaggerated

Check them out:
Glitter and Twisted Myspace

Gnarls Barkley 'Going On'




Powerful, disturbing and moving in equal measure, 2005's acclaimed "Kidulthood" took us deep into London's unseen underbelly, delivering a raw, hard-hitting reflection of what life is like for 21st century teenagers, where sex is currency, drugs are easy to come by and violence is a way of life. Six years after Sam Peel is released from jail for killing Trife, he soon realises that life is no easier on the outside than it was on the inside and he's forced to confront the people he hurt the most. Some have moved on, others are stuck with the repercussions of his actions that night, but one thing's for certain - everyone has been forced to grow up. Through his journey Sam struggles to deal with his sorrow and guilt and something else he didn't expect - those seeking revenge. As he's pursued by a new generation of bad boys, Sam sets about trying to get the message across to his pursuers that they should stop the violence, much like Trife tried to tell him all those years ago. Can Sam stop the cycle of violence and make something positive from the destruction he caused or will his journey into Adulthood end here? A positive tale disguised in the bleakness of its environment, Adulthood pushes home the moral lesson that crime doesn't pay.
- Official press release info.

Images and language may not be NSFW

Chanel x Dover Street Market


Expect scenes of women going slightly crazy in Dover Street Market between June 9th and the 26th, as it has been announced that Chanel will be launching an exclusive "Ephemeral" boutique there.

Visitors will be able to enjoy special window displays and installations devoted to the French fashion house throughout the event as well as the opportunity to buy a selection of clothing from Chanel's mainline collection.

Karl Lagerfeld describes the line:
"The tone is at the same time post-modern and romantic...It integrates a delicate punk sophistication."

Chanel fans will have the opportunity to purchase limited edition pieces from the Metiers d'Arts Paris-Londres collection.

Expect plenty of Tudor-style decadence, flat patent loafers with big gem brooches, knickerbockers, stiff pleated sleeves, bejewelled leather gloves, oversized knits and layers of tartan tulle.

Metiers d'Arts Paris-Londres Show

Santogold Rocks!


I've been listening to this album all week and I'm lovin' it! Its a fab mix of punk, grimy electro and maybe even a touch of ska, sounds hot right?
Well it comes out tomorrow (UK release) and I urge you all to get a copy.

Estelle becomes a fashion muse...


US Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has teamed up with fly girl Estelle to debut his new mini clothing collection for Puma. The collection will consist of a fifteen piece line. Estelle debuted this line at her album release party, wearing a ruffle-neck dress. The idea for the dress came from deconstructing three existing Puma tank tops.
Christian goes on to say about Estelle:

“For me it’s really exciting because it’s great to work with an artist that wants to be more creative and more fashion forward. That’s why I love her. I mean how fabulous is she?”

Supra Skytop, 413...


On May 10th, Supra Footwear will be releasing a very limited quantity of these exclusive Supra Skytop 4-1-3 (413) Silver Edition. Apparently only 11 retailers in all of the United States will be receiving these Skytops, with 30 pairs being allocated to each shop. The Supra Skytop 4-1-3 (413) Silver Edition feature a metallic silver and aqua color-way and they are already being dubbed the Supra Tiffany’s due to their resemblance with the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB - Tiffanys / Diamonds (aqua / cool grey).

I know I'm getting a mean side-eye from Jesse & Co. lol. I promise I did'nt post these to taunt you...I swear :-)

*Pics via Leaders

London Fashion Week...


The British Fashion Council has confirmed that the dates for the forthcoming London Fashion Week are September 14th - 19th 2008. Be sure to put the date in your diaries as there are over 50 shows on the official show schedule.

Showcasing the best of British fashion design talent to a global audience of media and fashion buyers, London Fashion Week will attract an estimated 5,000 visitors + from over 50 countries.

Although catwalk shows will take place in various locations around London, the main venue is the Natural History Museum.

There will also be 200 ready-to-wear and accessories designers in the Exhibition, which will run from Monday September15th - Thursday 18th.

Santogold x Old Blue Last...


Santogold will play an exclusive one-off gig for Levi’s ® OnesToWatch® on May 12th at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, performing tracks from her fab album ‘Santogold’ - UK release 12th May. The intimate show will be for a crowd comprised purely of competition winners.
To win tickets to this special performance, email your name to with your name, age and the reason why you deserve to go to this money-can't-buy-tickets show.
The competition closes on Thursday 8th May, with winners contacted the following day.

I know, I know...I'm so bloody nice ;-)

Santogold - "Your Voice" * Bonus track not included on the album, courtesy of RCRD LBL.

'Also known as the Gucci girl...'


Erykah Badu...Brixton Academy...30th June...I'm Sooo there!!

Dirty Canvas Vs Standard Place


Dirty Canvas and Standard Place come together to bring you their biggest line up to date.

Dirty Canvas v Standard Place
17th May
9PM - 3AM

WILEY (Grimewave Launch)
DARKSTAR (Hyperdub)
+ special guests TBA.

£8 advance tickets (links soon)
£8 b4 11
£10 after