Say It ain't so!!!


One of my favourite female emcees, Jean Grae has recently revealed that she is considering retirement.
This is what she posted on her myspace page...

'It's been a wonderful and awful journey all at the same time. Mostly leaning towards the wonderful Thank you for letting me share what I could with you and sharing yourselves back, as you have really been the reason that I kept on. I will always love what I consider to be true hip hop music... from the bottom of my soul. I hope you will continue to distinguish those who are contributors to the evolution of Hip Hop and other black music as both an auditory stimulation and a culture, taking care that they are put in a position to do so.'
She ends the note saying, 'Enjoy…see y’all around. It’s been amazing. Thank you again'

I'm seriously hoping that this retirement talk is some sort of marketing ploy [Insert Jay-Z here] and not the truth. Her album 'Jeanius', produced entirely by 9th Wonder, was set to finally have a formal release later this year.

It's a Teenage Love Affair


I'm loving this School Daze inspired vid! It reminds me of the many times I made my little sister help me re-create the Gamma Ray performance, ha! Derek Luke features as the main love interest with cameo appearances including Jackie Long and the original 'Big Brother Almighty', Giancarlo Esposito.



I stumbled across this while checking out Piffs Place, there is only one available and went for $117.00 on Ebay.

Spring Jam


It should be fly, so pissed I cant make it :-(

TooFly Spotlight...Duro Olowu


This former lawyer from Nigeria has a flair for breaking the laws of couture design via a resourceful mix of brightly colored, recycled African prints and vintage seventies-style tailoring. When asked about his style he describes it in three words "effortless, international chic".

Olowu started out designing clothes for his boutique on Portobello Road, and has made a big splash on the global ‘must-have’ list with his one-of-a-kind hippie chic and signature high-waisted patchwork dresses. He claims women, music and art are his inspiration for his amazing designs.

In 2007 he was awarded the title 'New Designer of the Year' at the British Fashion Awards. With the recent launch of his second collection, the signature Duro Dress is now internationally recognised. Men should'nt feel left out either, as Olowu is set to launch a capsule menswear collection later this year.

Signature Duro Dress

Check out more of his collection on his website

Alternative Fashion Week 2008


Taking place across five days commencing on April 21st, Alternative Fashion Week offers upcoming designers the opportunity to have their work shown in front of thousands of people and has kick-started the careers of both Gareth Pugh and this year's Project Catwalk winner Jasper Garvida.

This year there will be over 60 designers taking part from across the UK, Europe and India. Unlike London Fashion Week where most designers spend thousands on staging shows, Alternative Fashion Week provides designers with a catwalk free-of-charge. Organisers of 'Alternative Arts' also give free training for would-be models, who on completing a course, get the chance to appear on the catwalk.

Shows take place in Spitalfields Market at 1.15pm every day and each collection is shown to the live sounds of a jazz band. Fashion designers take over Spitalfields Market - for a small fee they can hire a stall to sell their wares which results in a truly diverse fashion market where you can buy everything from accessories to handmade coats.

Celebrating fashion as an art form, the event welcomes press, industry, students and ordinary people alike. This year Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda will be modelling on Monday 21st and participating designers have been challenged by Trinny and Susannah's Undress The Nation television programme to come up with designs for a women's range aimed at catering for women sized between 18-30.

Alternative Fashion Week
Spitalfields Traders Market,
Crispin Place,
Brushfield St,
London E1
21-25 April. For more information contact...

Yeah, Yeah, Carbon footprints... So what?


Well imagine if you had to see your future grand daughters/sons wearing these all the time because of the CO2 in the air... Please take some time to learn about your carbon footprint and do whatever you can to reduce it, every little helps! (you know Tesco's aint lying LOL). Seriously though, please do try and do the little you can, if you don't know/believe/understand please use to find out more.


NIKE ID AIRFORCE ONES... (Only for the A-Listers of course)

After a year of waiting and a whole lot of patience! I managed to get, not 1 but 2 pairs of these truely RAAAAAAAAAAARE Nike iD Forces (Yes they are that rare; Try & get a pair if you think I'm lying)! I Also got Aaron Lennon's (THFC) autograph on the box, he was at the Nike iD studio when I picked them up. So, i guess now you're wondering where are the pictures?? Well you'll have to e-mail me if you want to see the pictures!

Let's go to sleep in Paris...


"Paris, Tokyo"
New Lupe Vid! I'm such a stan for this dude lol

Mickey Factz X The Cool Kids - "Rockin & Rollin' (Remix)"



"Rockin' & Rollin' (Remix)"

Diesel Is Looking For Artists!


O.K So i'm quite cynical when large corporations attempt to invade the underground and try to co-produce some sort of creative experience. But every once in a while, a project comes along that actually enhances the creative spirit that we here at TFE like to get behind...[Insert the Diesel Wall idea here].

Basically Diesel, the clothing company, is looking for submissions to throw art on blank walls in New York, Zurich, Manchester and Barcelona. Go to the site. Get the specs for the wall. Submit your entry and patiently wait. Over the next few months (deadlines vary with each city), Diesel's jury panel, which includes the very cool Peter Saville , will pick a winner for each of the four cities and display their project on the city's respective giant wall.

Anyone around the globe can enter, I think its a fantastic opportunity for some artists to get more exposure. So get to it and enter!

[Sidebar] To anyone who read this and actually makes it through, I will be claiming my standard 15% of all profits. Thanks in advance.[End Sidebar]

Extreme Recycling Prehaps...


The Walking Bike was designed by Max Knight and has a wheel of shoes instead of the traditional metal and rubber. The thing actually works, check the video below.
When I say "works", please do'nt get excited I used that term loosely.

Mrs Fiasco...If Ya Nasty ;-)

Last week I went to one of the hottest shows in London...Lupe Fiasco performing at KOKO's!!
I've been a big fan of Mr Fiasco for a while now, not only is he great lyrically but his swagger is undeniably hot...I think cool geeks are cute ;-)
Anyway my mate managed to get her hands on some tickets *shout out Jenny W!* lol, and off we went. The opening alone was amazing and continued that way throughout the show, the band were crazy hype and had so much energy. We managed to get right to the front of the crowd and I took some hot pics but then my camera died on me...pissed!
Lupe performed for nearly two hours!! And he played all the songs I wanted him to perform, I think I love him...really lol.
Here are a couple of the shots from the show...

I recorded quite a bit of the show too, I'll update later.

Nike SB Dunks 720


I can see a few london boys rocking these ones.

New Obama Air Force Ones


i don't know about these personally. I mean, I'm all for Obama and that but I don't know if I would wear these sneakers...

Homecoming, Kanye West X Chris Martin