Lil Wayne "Lollipop"


This is the first single off the long awaited The carter III. It features Static Major, who recently passed away. R.I.P.
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Fela Kuti x Jay Z = "Nigerian Gangster"


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TooFly Spotlight...Colin Henderson


23-year-old designer Colin Henderson describes his work as "ruggish", because his bold, modern and tribal-inspired design may remind you of a magic carpet. Having studied illustration at Brighton University and now in London, Henderson creates multi-coloured, ethnic- and textile- informed designs, and whether they're hand-drawn, digitally illustrated or cut-and-paste, the results are quite intense. He has also created one-off prints and designs for T-shirts and clothing, and undertaking several special projects, in fields that range from from books to music videos.

Henderson has always had an interest in the native art of global cultures, with a mother who is Vietnamese and a father who worked and travelled around Africa his house was filled with artefacts, photos and folk art. Textiles are also a big inspiration. Finding himself naturally drawn to the abstract and surreal patterning used in Turkish, Asian and Navajo rugs and carpets, Henderson has always loved embroidered, woven, knitted and printed fabric design."It's the craft aspect and uniquenessof hand-made textiles". Another signature trait is his vivid use of colour. "I like the simplicity and constraint of using a few colours within a grid."

He is currently working with the illustrator and director Daniel Brereton under the name Yo!Fest. The duo share a studio and are in the process of creating a fictional world called Yo!Ville which will be the setting for a book/zine to be published later this year. Citing the playful children's illustrator Richard Scarry as one of his favourite artists, along with the more serious and mathematical MC Escher, Henderson mixes craft with light-hearted humour and plans to extend his work into embroidery and knitwear.

Check out his site. He has ablog too.

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Raheem Devaughn - Customer

:-) For my fellow Devaughn lovers...

Its all about... Phraseology

On Wednesday 20th of February the TooFlyExperience hit phraseology, all I can say is... words don’t go that deep, it was a blessed night with a wide variety of talent touching the mic from singers to poets, word were freely flowing and expression was happening.
I caught up with Poetic3dom one third of ‘3thirds production’ the brains behind the event. As a poet herself 3dom was all too aware of the lack of places available for poets and singers to platform their work freely. 3thirds production aimed to create a neutral event where whoever so pleased could express them self; and expression is exactly what happened, throughout the night it was a battle to clap or sit back and absorb the complex beauty of what you just experienced, and looking around it was clear I wasn’t the only person enjoying myself! Talent was bursting out of the seams of the establishment so watch this space for more on the night and the talent that blessed the stage...

Bambi X Nike


I told myself that I would'nt get any more trainers until I go to NY, but I'm finding it increasingly hard. Especially when I come across beauties like the Nike Court force Hi Classic Bambi. It features brown and pink colorways with spotted animal fur, inspired by the Disney's Bambi...It's too cute!

Party Like A Funky Star!!!


On the 6th March Street-Roots Productions bring you four exclusive P.A's and four of London's top dj's to popular nightclub "sound" in the heart of the West End.
For more infomation contact Arleeco 07946 500 243
Or hit me up via email

Insa X Hellz Bellz

British graffiti artist Insa and female US streetwear brand Hellz Bellz have teamed up to create a hot pair of jeans!
Due out this Spring here's a Sneak peak:

If your unfamiliar with graffiti's "fetish" Insa, I'll be doing a "TooFly Spotlight" feature soon, which will include his work and the works of other British artists.