For The Not So Vain In Mind...


Vanity Fair has published some of the most iconic images of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Now the National Portrait Gallery curators have been given access to the Vanity Fair archives and pulled together a selection of 150 classic images.
The exhibition features vintage prints from the magazine's first period (1913-1936) –on display for the first time. These are combined with more popular and contemporary images from its second period (1983-present).

Vanity Fair has also become famous for its portrait photography.
Legendary photographers like Edward Steichen and Cecil Beaton took glamorous portraits of Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo and Gloria Swanson in the period 1913-1936, and these are on display at the National Portrait Gallery this spring.
Two unseen portraits of author Virginia Woolf taken in 1924 are an added treat in this part of the exhibition.

Another highlight of the exhibition is 22 images by acclaimed portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz. Leibovitz has become the dominant image-maker of Vanity Fair. Her portraits include that of Miles Davis, Kate Winslet, Lance Armstrong, and more recently, the Queen.

With subjects as diverse as Claude Monet, Cary Grant and Madonna, if you're looking for great photographers or great subjects, or both, don't miss the Vanity Fair Portraits exhibition which is on now and ends on the 26th May.

National Portrait Gallery
St Martins Place, London

Yo! MTV Hi-Tops


So I was doing my daily blog rounds, when I saw this ^^ on my new favourite blog "Around The Way Girls". Apparently they're for guys??....err huh?
I mean, if your new gentleman friend came to you with this what would you think! Surely there was a typo in the press release and they're made for Ladies...right?

Estelle Feat. Kanye West - American Boy


I'm loving Estelle for going over to the states and creating a name for herself!
Here is the video for her second single off her upcoming album "Shine", scheduled for release on the 6th May, via John Legend's "Homeschool Records". Check it quick before the powers that be, remove it!!

If your a fan of her's, check out her blog "Love, Life and the Diva"




The boy has done it again...*sighs* i hope ya'll like it. YAHHH!!!

It's That Time AGAIN!


In exactly 2 weeks from today, on the 6th of March (which I have to say is one of the best days in the year) we will be celebrating Ghana's 51st independence!
There are alot of events going on so put it in your diary/calendar or if you're 'cool' like me put it in your phone! Get your outfits ready, I know I got mine!
REMEMBER, if you snooze you lose!!!


"Phraseology" describes the context in which a word is used. This often includes typical usages/sequences, such as idioms, phrasal verbs, and multi-word units...

Just Me and I will be attending armed with a notepads and pens, ready to interview the exciting line up @ the launch of "Phraseology" @ the Mau Mau Bar, Notting Hill. So If your a budding poet, musician or comedian, who is'nt afraid to show off your talent. Make sure you attend and join the open mic! Presented by 3Thirds Promotions its set to be a fun night out!
Details of who to contact are on the flyer but you can also contact me via


See You There!

St Valentine Would be...[Fill The Blank]

I’m not sure about these, but there seem to be a lot of St. Valentine edition kicks floating around. If you've forgotten, (*tut tut) and your lost for what to purchase for that loved one in your life this may fit the bill. 1st up is Nike with a Court Force High. It comes with a white/pink upper, patent leather accents and a Nike heart tag on the tongue, just to make sure everybody understands the message and the occasion.

Next up we have AF1s'. The upper comes in red in a mix of premium leather and patent leather with a white mid sole and swoosh. Thankfully no heart patterns or anything of that sort on these, they kept it simple!

Of course Nike weren’t the only one to cash in on "the Valentine's day swindle" Hmm...Do I sound bitter? Lol. The Reebok St. Valentine Pack consists of a Freestyle and another low top sneaker. In terms of design the pack is almost classic, and is arguably better than Nike's attempts.

*Pics Via Motive

From You With Love X ;-)


Collaboration from Kendo LA and Krispy Klean
*ahem Valentines....*ahem day!

Standing In Corner With Skepta...


Featuring Trigga, Spyda & Flowdan. Look out for cameos from JME, Chipmunk, DJ Maximum and DJ Cameo…

Flasing Lights Preview...


A Date For Your Diary...


Thursday, 21/02/2008 at Whitechapel Gallery - 80-82 Whitechapel High Street, E1 7QX

If you haven’t experienced an Apples & Snakes open mic yet, you haven’t spent the evening in the Whitechapel Gallery’s lovely cafĂ©-bar, the air thick with poems and the whole joint jumpin’ with poets of every conceivable kind. An Apples open mic is, indeed, the place where the unlikeliest of poetic bedfellows can share a stage. If you fancy it, please don’t hold back. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship with the UK spoken-word scene. Next Thursday's verbal bonanza features guest slots from Jake Lawy, Tamsin aka ConciseOne and Fassbinder. Ms Jo Overfield and Ms Cherryl Scott will be the hostesses with the mostesses.

Bookings: Arrive early to sign up for open mic slot

Showcase Your Work @ Top Gallery....


Art in Mind is a series of group exhibitions that welcomes emerging and established artists from the UK and abroad, all work will be displayed at The Brick Lane Gallery - London
Artists interested in taking part please contact

Future Art in Mind dates include

19th February – 3rd March
4th March – 17th March

Art in Mind @ The Brick Lane Gallery in London.

Spray It Loud!


Blind Angle presents Jef Aerosol’s first solo show in the UK, where his most recent body of work "Spray It Loud" is being exhibited. For those who don't know who Jef Aerosol is...shame on you! He's a notable graffiti artist, with groundbreaking work that has influenced some of the hottest names in street art. His art can be seen in various locations across the globe, in fact you can check a piece with Joe Strummer dressed as a spy on a wall by Camden Lock!

Jef is taking over a disused church opposite Holloway prison. Using his library of stencils, walls inside the church will be covered with his iconic characters (stencilled on the wall, on canvas and on cardboard), another converted into a live installation cardboard wall (which he will stencil on during the exhibition) and another will be a projection wall where images of his ‘Street’ stencils and paste ups will be screened.

Available at the exhibition will be signed copies of “VIP Very Important Pochoirs”, a fully colour illustrated book of his work.

Islington Arts Factory | 2 Parkhurst Road, Holloway | London

Exhibition: 8th – 22nd February 2008

Your Favourite Producer's Favourite Producer...


The 10th February will mark the day genius, J Dilla sadly passed away. So Doctors Orders in association with Stussy UK have decided to throw a party dedicated to the memory and the music of this incredible Hip-Hop producer, as well as celebrating what would be have been his 35th birthday. It is the second of what will be a annual event. In his brief 32 years J-Dilla, otherwise known as Jay-Dee or James Yancey created and shaped a new sound for Hip-Hop that inspired beatsmiths, MCs and music lovers around the globe.
Performing on the night will be The Extended Players - Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM). Mr Thing & Harry Love, Benji B (1Xtra), Marc Mac (4Hero / Visioneers), BBE's head honcho Pete Adarkwah, DJ Spin Doctor and DJ Rags.
Free entry all night with a donation to the J-Dilla foundation, which helps to raise awareness and funding for Lupus research(suggested donation £5).

J-Dilla Changed My Life
7pm-Midnight Sunday 10th February 2008
@ Cargo 83 Rivington St, London, EC2

*Click Pic

Its a Chockablock Ting!

So this post is really late...I've been busy and too lazy to upload the pics, what?!
Anyway the gang and I attended JP's re-launch bash "Chockablock" @ Egg. Just as I expected it was sick! The music was on point and the dance floor was full. The crowd was a nice mix of people who were'nt afraid to shake a leg or toot their gun fingers in the air. If you did'nt come, you missed out. I think the next one is on the 28th March until then, maybe you can live vicariously through some of the pics I took...ha!
- I know I'm no David Bailey, so just keep it moving ok! lol

Kase and TooMuchPosse

*Peep Boya DeeMarko's footwear ^...interesting :-)

Adidas Conductor Hi Olympic


See You There!


*Suggested donation of £3, all donations go towards the lupus foundation.

She's Back!*


*Begins a victory dance!

Striding With...Che'nelle?


It’s been 5 years since Tinchy Stryder won the prize for the best newcomer at the Sidewinder Awards and much has happened since then. For instance this unusual collaboration with the Western Australia-based "I fell in love with the DJ"- chick Che’nelle on the remix of her brand new single called Hurry Up.

I personally could'nt listen to the whole song simply because it brought on a slight migraine. But I guess if you love that bubbly pop thing you'll love it...I guess. Apparently it has even become the theme cheer of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders *hmm...?
Anyway Tinchy’s new EP "Cloud 9" will drop soon and this single will be out the 3rd of March.

Boy Better Know x Roll Deep had a set on Rinse FM (13-01-08) where Wiley dropped the news that "Grimewave" will be out in the end of February/beginning of March. "It’s not an album, it’s not a mixtape, it’s an underground independent release".
It will be available nationwide with no exclusives online. The track "Where You Gonna Hide" however, is from Wiley’s forthcoming 4th album called "Race Against Time" which is planned to hit sometime in June. During the set he claimed he was putting 100% in this project. I know a few of you are looking forward to judging that for yourselves.

Art Terrorism?


On Thursday 17 January 2008, underground art-terrorist AK47 or 'Mark' as he is also known launched his latest exhibition at the Artists Anonymous gallery just off of Bethnal Green High St. The exhibit was based around the eponymous AK47 assault rifle.

Placed in the centre of the gallery atop old-glory and in front of a huge mirror, the exhibition was intended to force people to realise their feelings and attitudes toward to the most effective killing machine ever created by man.

To read the rest of SHORRN CONVEXS' story click here.

*I've had this story for ages and forgot to post...enjoy!