Very interesting subject… I know as human beings we can never take enough. But as humans can we ever give enough in our lifetimes? We are constantly taking/receiving, with regards to natural resources… water, land, vegetation, animals… basically the world in general… I personally give because, I know and understand how it feels and what it’s like not to ‘have’. I’m not generalizing; to me its all the same from giving my friend a brand new sports car, or donating money for a new water system in a poor community in Africa; its all the same. I know my friend, & how we talked bout owning sports cars when we where young… I know what not having water feels like from a holiday in Greece where I had to buy drinking water, so I let my imagination fill in what it’s like not to have water at all. (I don’t expect everyone to agree/understand my reason(s) and views on giving… Simply because you are not me you where not raised my mother & father in their house where my charity began)… However I agree with some of the posted comments (Click On Tittle To View) with regards to the economical break down of giving… I don’t give to get internal satisfaction, happiness or to find meaning in life… Mostly its because I can… I’m not denying that I get a sense of satisfaction (internal or external) from giving. But if I’m feeling depressed, broke to my last pound and unsatisfied with my current state/being/life… I will not ‘give’ to get a sense or rush of internal/external satisfaction… the consequences will lead me back to square one, or even further back… Giving has ‘consequences’ … Most people need to appreciate that most of these consequences are good; However a few are bad. In a nut-shell… I don’t count it as giving if it’s not with my heart and i try to avoid that as much as i can. Giving to me, is giving without expectations… for a thank you, a award, membership etc.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

too many of us are to selfish to live the credo it is better to give than receive

Base said...

Torrance >>> Good point... too much selfishness... Definitely a major issue and factor.