Topshop X Afrikids...


Topshop has announced yet another collaboration, but this time it is for a good cause.
The high street store has teamed up with Humankind and AfriKids to create a six-piece summer capsule collection of vivid print dresses and camisoles inspired by traditional West African design.

Handcrafted on a Fairtrade basis, each piece will go towards a collection to raise money for impoverished communities in Northern Ghana.

To be launched in stores this month, the aim of the collection is to help AfriKids set up an "eco-lodge" venture, which aims to transform the local economy by providing sustainable changes through jobs and increased tourism.

Georgie Fienberg, international director at AfriKids, which was founded in 2002, said:

'Opening the AfriKids Lodge will mark AfriKids out as a new kind of NGO; one that genuinely aims to become indigenously run and sustained, eliminating the need for Western donors and putting itself at the centre of its local economy's development.'