SAMO Shit - £5,000,000....


I was first introduced to Basquiat when I was 11, my neighbour was a huge fan of Warhol and neo-expressive art and he would always show me their joint pieces. I was so impressed because I had never seen a sucessful Black artist before :-(
Anyway it's well known that the best pieces by the deceased street art/Pop master JEAN–MICHEL BASQUIAT are all in the hands of knowing private collectors who have no intention of selling them off. So I was surprised to read that the early ’80s masterpiece painting “Untitled (Pecho/Oreja), 1983” was being auctioned off and that it was coming from the private collection of U2!

It sold at Sotheby’s for £5,000,000 ($9,962,699 USD). Originally purchased by the Irish band at a posthumous Basquiat show at Robert Miller Gallery in New York in 1989 for a small fraction of its current value, the huge painting hung as a backdrop in their Dublin studio and was present at the recording of their albums beginning with 'Achtung Baby' until the band decided to part ways with it this month. Believed to be a self-portrait created by the then-22-year-old art star in his basement studio beneath Anina Nosei’s gallery. Of course, it was picked up by an unnamed private European collector...lucky for some eh?

And am I the only one who did'nt know the existence of Basquiat Special Edition Reeboks??