Rise... above it?

Artists and hype surrounding the Rise Festival has certainly come a long way. Boris (the mayor of London) has decided to drop the festivals previous theme of combating racism removing its previous subtitle of 'Londoners United Against Racism' instead replacing it with the new theme of cultural diversity. Why? I hear you ask... maybe its time for us Londoners to stop focusing on racism and instead just celebrate our diversity... it all becomes a little clearer or interesting depending on your outlook, when you take into consideration that last year the Rise festival was associated with a message directed at London mayor candidates (Boris to be accurate); highlighting that they need to address more pressing issues such as racism rather than bendy buses. Whatever the reason the Rise festival has certainly come along way from it previous hay days of popularity.
Whilst the line up for Sunday's festival features names that may not be as pop or hold as much household familiarity as previous years there are definitely some acts worth checking out; the African Village stage features Yaaba Funk seeing them would definitely be worth the possibility of getting caught in summer showers.
Rise will happen this Sunday @ Finsbury Park from noon (entry is free)