These Tees Are "THE TRUTH" (Finally)


Fake creps are getting 'ridiculous' right now, it's really messy out there. I myself don't wear 95' anymore  cause of the simple fact that 90% of the ones I see on road nowadays are fake! (& I wouldn't want to be mistaken for that 90%, would you??). But thanks to my lovely sisters at Drugs Couture (yep!, they are fiends for fashion). I'd like to start by saying I salute you for this brilliant t-shirt design aginst fake trainers, I know the guys at 'FAKE' started it but you've taken it that step further by projecting it from a females perspective. & you know if the ladies ain't feeling it... well it just isn't happening guys! Every girl should have one of your Fake Sneakers T-shirts. Also click on the link to see more of Drugs Couture's Tees.


Ms TooFly said...

Lol @ guys with fake kicks.
I've heard about these tees...I like the 'Rosa Parks Heroin' tee too.