Fly or Die??...Pierre Hardy hi-tops


While some shoes seem stuck in the past, Pierre Hardy's whiz and whoosh with futuristic flair. Take, for example, his new Colorama hi-tops, which bear more than a passing resemblance to Balenciaga's Lego-bright sports stilettos.

Oh yeah, he designed those, too.
"The way I work is abstract...I try to bring an idea to its maximum intensity."

Available in Men's (seen here) or Women's, priced at around £220.

So is it Fly or Die??

Update: Arriving in Dover Street Market (London) on 15th May – the Pierre Hardy special limited edition ‘Cruzeiro’ in metallic calfskin.


Base said...
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Base said...

These best come free with a Dover Street T-shirt. And how are they called 'Fly or Die'??? They should be called 'Buy & Die'... Simply one of the worst pairs of trainers out there!