Chanel x Dover Street Market


Expect scenes of women going slightly crazy in Dover Street Market between June 9th and the 26th, as it has been announced that Chanel will be launching an exclusive "Ephemeral" boutique there.

Visitors will be able to enjoy special window displays and installations devoted to the French fashion house throughout the event as well as the opportunity to buy a selection of clothing from Chanel's mainline collection.

Karl Lagerfeld describes the line:
"The tone is at the same time post-modern and romantic...It integrates a delicate punk sophistication."

Chanel fans will have the opportunity to purchase limited edition pieces from the Metiers d'Arts Paris-Londres collection.

Expect plenty of Tudor-style decadence, flat patent loafers with big gem brooches, knickerbockers, stiff pleated sleeves, bejewelled leather gloves, oversized knits and layers of tartan tulle.

Metiers d'Arts Paris-Londres Show