Mrs Fiasco...If Ya Nasty ;-)

Last week I went to one of the hottest shows in London...Lupe Fiasco performing at KOKO's!!
I've been a big fan of Mr Fiasco for a while now, not only is he great lyrically but his swagger is undeniably hot...I think cool geeks are cute ;-)
Anyway my mate managed to get her hands on some tickets *shout out Jenny W!* lol, and off we went. The opening alone was amazing and continued that way throughout the show, the band were crazy hype and had so much energy. We managed to get right to the front of the crowd and I took some hot pics but then my camera died on me...pissed!
Lupe performed for nearly two hours!! And he played all the songs I wanted him to perform, I think I love him...really lol.
Here are a couple of the shots from the show...

I recorded quite a bit of the show too, I'll update later.


Galmaran said...

See Please Here

March Baby said...

ms toofly, im sorry to say this but you're a bit late. lupe's already engaged to miss march baby. sorry gal.

Ms TooFly said...

Err..Ur clearly not serious. I think the fire in ur pic has fried your senses!!