Diesel Is Looking For Artists!


O.K So i'm quite cynical when large corporations attempt to invade the underground and try to co-produce some sort of creative experience. But every once in a while, a project comes along that actually enhances the creative spirit that we here at TFE like to get behind...[Insert the Diesel Wall idea here].

Basically Diesel, the clothing company, is looking for submissions to throw art on blank walls in New York, Zurich, Manchester and Barcelona. Go to the site. Get the specs for the wall. Submit your entry and patiently wait. Over the next few months (deadlines vary with each city), Diesel's jury panel, which includes the very cool Peter Saville , will pick a winner for each of the four cities and display their project on the city's respective giant wall.

Anyone around the globe can enter, I think its a fantastic opportunity for some artists to get more exposure. So get to it and enter!

[Sidebar] To anyone who read this and actually makes it through, I will be claiming my standard 15% of all profits. Thanks in advance.[End Sidebar]


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