TooFly Spotlight...Colin Henderson


23-year-old designer Colin Henderson describes his work as "ruggish", because his bold, modern and tribal-inspired design may remind you of a magic carpet. Having studied illustration at Brighton University and now in London, Henderson creates multi-coloured, ethnic- and textile- informed designs, and whether they're hand-drawn, digitally illustrated or cut-and-paste, the results are quite intense. He has also created one-off prints and designs for T-shirts and clothing, and undertaking several special projects, in fields that range from from books to music videos.

Henderson has always had an interest in the native art of global cultures, with a mother who is Vietnamese and a father who worked and travelled around Africa his house was filled with artefacts, photos and folk art. Textiles are also a big inspiration. Finding himself naturally drawn to the abstract and surreal patterning used in Turkish, Asian and Navajo rugs and carpets, Henderson has always loved embroidered, woven, knitted and printed fabric design."It's the craft aspect and uniquenessof hand-made textiles". Another signature trait is his vivid use of colour. "I like the simplicity and constraint of using a few colours within a grid."

He is currently working with the illustrator and director Daniel Brereton under the name Yo!Fest. The duo share a studio and are in the process of creating a fictional world called Yo!Ville which will be the setting for a book/zine to be published later this year. Citing the playful children's illustrator Richard Scarry as one of his favourite artists, along with the more serious and mathematical MC Escher, Henderson mixes craft with light-hearted humour and plans to extend his work into embroidery and knitwear.

Check out his site. He has ablog too.

*Pic Via AlexSay