Its all about... Phraseology

On Wednesday 20th of February the TooFlyExperience hit phraseology, all I can say is... words don’t go that deep, it was a blessed night with a wide variety of talent touching the mic from singers to poets, word were freely flowing and expression was happening.
I caught up with Poetic3dom one third of ‘3thirds production’ the brains behind the event. As a poet herself 3dom was all too aware of the lack of places available for poets and singers to platform their work freely. 3thirds production aimed to create a neutral event where whoever so pleased could express them self; and expression is exactly what happened, throughout the night it was a battle to clap or sit back and absorb the complex beauty of what you just experienced, and looking around it was clear I wasn’t the only person enjoying myself! Talent was bursting out of the seams of the establishment so watch this space for more on the night and the talent that blessed the stage...