Its a Chockablock Ting!

So this post is really late...I've been busy and too lazy to upload the pics, what?!
Anyway the gang and I attended JP's re-launch bash "Chockablock" @ Egg. Just as I expected it was sick! The music was on point and the dance floor was full. The crowd was a nice mix of people who were'nt afraid to shake a leg or toot their gun fingers in the air. If you did'nt come, you missed out. I think the next one is on the 28th March until then, maybe you can live vicariously through some of the pics I took...ha!
- I know I'm no David Bailey, so just keep it moving ok! lol

Kase and TooMuchPosse

*Peep Boya DeeMarko's footwear ^...interesting :-)