I want that...Now!


Mama's International Secret Society or M.I.S.S. Crew are a very fly group of creative and multi-talented women. Who are business owners or working in the field of fashion, art, design, music, writing, dance, film or media...see what I mean by muti-talented! The intentions of the crew are to bring together women working in the male dominated industry and to celebrate Women street culture. They even have their own line...needless to say we here at TFE simply "loves it!"

"Nails did" are affiliated with M.I.S.S. and thats where I stumbled on their HOT tees!

My personal favourite is the Alicia Keys ala "Smokin Aces" inspired one...just fly!
If your feeling them too and would like to cop one for yourself. I think you can get them at Urban UK but hurry they're selling quick-fast!